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How to download and use your new Shopify theme

How to access and use the Canva templates


Help! I'm getting an error message when I upload the theme.

What you’ll actually need to do first, is double-click on that Zip file that you downloaded. Then inside is the theme Zip as well as any other info for any Canva templates, etc.

How do I add other pages like About, FAQ, etc?

You would add these pages in the Pages area of the Shopify admin (left column under Online Store). This isn’t something you would add from within the theme customizer.

Any page you add automatically uses the new theme!

Once you add your pages in that area, you would go to the navigation area to add the links to your menus. Here’s some info:

How do I add the contact page with the contact form?

Go to the Pages area of your Shopify admin then click to create a new page. Then in the lower right section of that page, select the ‘Contact’ page template and save. Then proceed to add this page to your navigation menu so it will show up on the site.

How do I create a drop-down menu for product collections under shop?

No extra coding is needed, you would just follow Shopify’s steps for doing this:

How do I change the theme of the checkout page?
Shopify only allows full customization of the checkout page if you’re on their Shopify Plus plan. For all other plans, you can still add your logo and customize fonts and colors from within the Theme Customizer.
How do I make sub-categories and put products in them?

Shopify doesn’t really have “sub-collections” per se – they are all just collections and then they’re organized in the navigation menu to appear as sub-collections. So you would add products to those collections the same way you would add them to any of the other collections.

There are two ways to do this – one is to set up the collection and you add products to it manually. This is where you edit the product and manually add which collections you want it to appear under.

The other way is to set up the collection as an automated collection and then you can add rules for which products appear in it, like for products that have certain tags, etc.

Here’s info on each of those:
Manual Collections:
Automated Collections:
Collections in general:

Still have questions? Email me below…please note that I have a full-time job during the day so I am unable to answer questions until afternoons and weekends. Thanks for your understanding!