How to Access and use the Canva templates

Accessing the Canva Templates

When downloading your theme files from Etsy, included in the download is a PDF file that is named “GET-STARTED-xyz” (where xyz is the name of the theme your purchased).

Open this PDF file and you’ll see instructions on how to access your branding templates as well as links to each one that is included for your theme.

how to use canva templates

Opening the Canva Templates

When you click one of the links in the PDF it will take you to that Canva template. It will look something like this image. Click the button to “Use Template”.

You’ll need to make sure to have a Canva account (free version is just fine!)

how to use canva templates

Editing the Canva Templates

You should now see something like this image (depending on which template you selected).

You now have access to edit the template as you see fit including fonts, adding images, changing colors, etc.

In the far left column, click “Uploads” to upload and access your own images. Then once it’s uploaded you may drag the image from the left area to the design to replace the default photo.

Click on any element in the design to edit it.

how to use canva templates